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A simple yet realistic gal. A salsa fanatic. Realise that Life isn't that rosy afterall. Nothing stays constant. Nothing is forever. Yet, still loving and tReasUring evEry moMent of Living in this Universe. Like thrills and challenges. cRaving for excitement every now and then. A stong believer of self-healing. An independent thinker. A less perfect person like everyone else. Not a perfectionist. Happiness comes from within not from without.


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Monday, April 26, 2010
Going on 26..
8:35 AM
What is it to feel like when u are passing the 25 .. big step. Need to read a good book .. perhaps a good motivational book to feel inspired.

Draggin myself to read the thick stack of CFA notes.. Life like that? Going for the next certification.. going for the next pay jump.. and perhaps .. land in a big pile of greenbacks..

Hmm.. this 26 year marks the year where I am going through a series of "school = torture", "job - hopping" and perhaps.. married??!!
This sounds way too over .. too happening.. my life seems to be thrown into a dice.. u don't know what u don't know.. the odds.. that gains.. and the losses *of course*

I always think of myself.. ironically when I tot I used to think of others before me.. okie. I admit. I am selfish.

Sometimes.. things don't go your way.. ur friends might not understand .. and perhaps.. ur family may not understand. what's worse.. even ur lover may not understand..
The only person u can believe in.. YOURSELF.

Trying to believe and to overcome the fear.. Fear of losing. Fear of gossips.. Fear that u cannot make it.. Fear that u might not think through enough.. or complete.

I try not to think too much. Because it will waiver my decision.

I know it's bad. I'm sorry if I made u work harder. Please respect my decision like I will always respect urs..

I need a break. A real break.

Saturday, January 30, 2010
Ah Mei Concert 2010
9:03 PM
I attended Ah mei concert yesterday. Wow.. My first time attending concert.. shouting and waving my lightstick in the air.. like a teenager ya.. heez.. Actually I wasn't as much a fan as my best fren la.. but well.. can see she is damn excited ya.. =P

Thanks Ades for buying the 171 dollars ticket! though I paid like half the price? hmm.. that came as a surprise yesterday.. The atmosphere is definitely very different from the upper deck ya..
Ah mei is really a powerhouse ya.. I was abit surprised she did a Italian opera ( a small part) .. but she sang it really well.. (well I am not a professional but I think she sang it really well!)

She still look as beautiful.. Though she didn't really change many costumes .. but she still shone at stage ya.. her stage presence.. =)

I thought I will sing my heart out in Ah Mei's concert.. but I didn't. In fact, I was too busy crying, when she sang those old songs.. Memories of the secondary days.. just come to mind.. I was reminicing the good old days.. The KTV session at my house.. days were so carefree ..

I missed them.

Took quite a few pictures lately.. but not able to post them online.. because I am not the photographer.. heez.. I should but buy a polaroid.. then there is no hassle of editing the picture.. converting them from raw format to whatever.. it is what it is.. =)

Simple. Yet hard to be..

Saturday, January 09, 2010
New Year. New resolution
9:32 PM
Actually I don't have any resolution. Probably the one only one is to stay healthy and for all my family and loved ones to stay in the pink of health.

Health is something we take it for granted. Well.. I didn't take it that seriously till my dad fell sick.. It's not only emotionally tiring and financial draining.. but also it reminds you that there is something more important then the aspiring pay check that you've always wanted.

It just didn't help when during the last day of 2009.. I felt something wrong after doing my big business.. not disclosing here but well.. it's just a scary thought that you might just collapse without a reason.

Marriage has always been on my mind since beginning of last year.. but it's been a year.. and I must that that thought is slowly slipping off .. replacing by something else..

I managed to find 2 lost lost friends in Facebook today.
They are the ones ..I must say capable girls.. girls with their own attitudes.
Positive attitudes in life. And they will succeed .. maybe not in material sense.. but as a whole.. have a fullfilling life experience on earth.

Maybe I am right.
That I decided to do a CFA right now.
Actually not for any reason but just to prove to myself that I can do it.

Quote extracted from W's blog.

One of the biggest obstacles on the path is the doubting mind. Until we see through it, doubt incapacitates the mind, blocking our effort for clarity.

2nd resolution

To do something to myself.. to reward myself for the year.
Life is nothing if you do nothing to make it better.. =)

Have fun folks.. =)

Saturday, November 14, 2009
15 Nov 2009
9:20 PM
Woah.. I have not keepin myself update with dates.. other than..lookin at the calendar.. knowing which NAV date I am doing on the current day.. keeping tabs on the date of bills which I have been busy clearing .. and trying to keep up.. Now.. I don't even bother with holidays.. (national holidays) because its the same every day.. other than.. knowing that i can sleep abit more (like 1 hr) on a sat/ sun. and Now waking up knowing that I don't have to go tuition..
The feeling is quite good..

Well.. I don't really feel that my life miserable till I read other's blogs.. when I know that my friends are going for their holidays.. or rather spending their time.. doing nothing but in overseas.. I admire them.. and to tell the truth.. I want to be like them.. I want to spend without worry that I might not have enough to pay for the bills.. or rather I may need the money.. in case of emergency..

Well.. I feel tired actually.. maybe due to lack of exercise..I don't even feel motivated to go to work.. My leaves are reserved for special purposes.. and also.. my colleagues are blocking to take theirs.. for holidays or for rest.. I am looking forward to .. actually I don't look forward to any..

Waiting for time to tick .. to pass away.. slowly but steadily..

My weekends are occasionally filled with activities.. like meeting with friends.. which I still enjoy.. but sometimes.. I feel bit lazy though.. heez.. but glad that my friends still ask me out occasionally.. and I really am guilty that I am not making effort.. these few days..

Well.. I am still single and not married. But am leading a life .. dull ? fruitful? ha..

I have been avoiding these.. I guess its time that I do that.. spend more time with family and my loved one. I have spending time with my friends for the past 24 years of my life..
子育养儿,而亲不在 。 (Chinese proverb)

Don't wanna live with regrets.. =P

Recently my dear have been asking what gifts I want for christmas.. Actually nothing I want in particular... I do not have any material needs that I want to satisfy..

A part of growing up is knowing how much u can do.. and knowing what you can't. Knowing when to stretch yourself.. knowing not everyone can be as fortunate or as unfortunate as u..

This is life. Another phrase of life..

Friday, October 09, 2009
long long wait
9:29 PM
Hey ya.. have been rather busy with work.. covering my colleagues and clearing all the backlogs.. And the past week just busy giving tuition.. and tryin to go for yoga whenever I can..

Last week, attend Kahhui's wedding.. I was one of the sisters.. luckily me.. ha.. but i woke up freaking late.. hee but was in time though..

This morning I woke up early.. like 7 am.. because I woke up scratching myself and my hair.. think I feel super dirty ... had to get up and bathe..

After that.. my Gugu teaches me how to cook curry chicken.. seemed easy.. =P then I started peeling the promegranate.. 11 of them.. super tedious.. I think I took about 1 hour to finish peeling.. and my gugu threw it in the fruit blender..

taste sweet and sour.. =)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
8:30 AM
Greed is the only word that i can used to describe my feeling, my intention..

The first thing i did when i came back from phuket. is to check out the latest airfare promotion/ hotel..
thinking of where to go next.. batam? Batam view resort? Harris resort?

The first thing I wanna do today is to sold off my stocks.. get some petty cash.. (well.. I can only hold on
to it.. the only consolation is that it "might" pay off my Europe trip.. )

The thing I wanna do now is to quit my job.. and find something more interesting..

Life is getting dull.. I wanna get out of the rut..

I know I can. I will.


Saturday, July 11, 2009
I have not been updating for quite awhile
10:58 PM
Down with a flu and a sore throat which started several days ago.. Feeling quite all right now.. after taking some medicine.. and rest..

I don't understand how come I always get sick and have my period at the same time.. its a dreadful feeling.. with the cramps and all that.. I seldom have cramps.. the kind of "feels like dying" kind.. but still.. i feel miserable.. =P luckily my "daddy" help massage my lower back.. it feels like its breaking somehow..

It's my 3rd week of "saving".. well.. I must say.. I make myself proud.. =) Hmm.. with the medical bills piling.. It's an indication that I must save. Recently, I make another investment.. hmm..
for fun I guess.. hmm.. hoping to make some quick bucks.. x fingers..

O.. and I just send out a resume.. I need to thank someone. My daddy again. For doing up the template and vetting/ amending my resume.. Sometimes I feel irritated by myself... that someone is always helping me.. I end up "riding" on others..

Don't like that feeling.. Well.. I hope I can buck up then.. =)

Hai~ whaT can i do to make more money??? It never occur to me that I live to make money..

Problems that can be solved using money is not a problem..
So.. what's the issue here?

random thoughts.. ignore me. =)

Gonna phuket in 6 days time.. I can't wait!!